your host

Stepping into the hotel you will feel that you are coming back from a voyage. So many things surprise you, for example the staff's friendly smiles to welcome you and the harmony of Vietnamese and western architectures.

The hotel's owner is Mrs.Ho Thi Thanh Binh, born 1972, a former famous pharmacist in Hoi An. Tourism passions flashed in her heart after long journeys seeing many wonders, so she decided to build a hotel expressing her experiences and travels.

Most of the hotel in Hoi An care about modern appliances but not aboot Hoi An cultural character. Mrs Binh has a warm family space where tourists can experience the daily lives of Hoi An people, cultural character and traditional customs reflected in the hotel service. The hotel is your house in Hoi An, and of course, you are a member of our family. .:: Hotel Manager

- Name:  Mrs. Ho Thi Thanh Binh
- Role:    Proprietor
- Mobile: (+84) 0905 176 277